Stephen Levine, "A Gradual Awakening"

SOMETHING OLD, ALWAYS NEWA Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine
In 1979, a book was written to instruct in the method of meditation-namely, vipassana meditation. Author, Stephen Levine wrote, A Gradual Awakening, with such quiet simplicity, it is almost as if, as we read, we are meditating.
In the preface, Ram Dass writes, "Stephen Levine deals with meditation and social responsibility in a way that is neither abstract nor hollow: This is practical stuff for day-to-day living..." 
Levine begins his book with, "Meditation is for many a foreign concept, somehow distant and foreboding, seemingly impossible to participate in.  But another word for meditation is simply awareness. Meditation is awareness."
In this elegant book, we learn about breath, sitting quietly, watching our drifting thoughts without judgment - and growing into awareness.
For anyone interested in learning about meditation, this book could be all you need.
Cover Photo: Robert Weinreb
Cover Typography: Cathy Saksa
A Gradual
Ram Das
Vipassana Meditation


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