Great Economical Wines

Outstanding choices from Argentina and other regions

A good friend said, "It doesn't take great intelligence to pick a good expensive and renowned  wine, but it does to pick a good inexpensive wine."
Why pay more than twenty or thirty dollars when you could purchase a wonderful bottle of wine for under twelve dollars? In this economy, we all need to get creative and smart in our consumer choices.
We hope after trying one of our recommended wines, you will discover you can add something new to your already well-stocked wine cabinet. We welcome your accolades or criticisms as we present these and future selections.
Some of the very affordable wines we have recently enjoyed include:
  • Solex 2007, Chardonnay by Billington Wines in Graton, CA (04/10 - $7.99 at Wine House, WLA) Dry with ripe fruit and fresh aromas
  • San Telmo Esencia 2009, Torrontes IP White Wine (04/10 - $7.99 at Wine House, WLA) Marked fruit intensity w/delicate notes of oak - fresh, light and long lasting finish 
  • La Yunta 2007, Tinto Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec/Bonarda from Mendoza, Argentina (04/10 - $9.99 at Wine House, WLA) - Blend of best known red varietals w/a delicate touch of Torrontes to enhance the aromatic and fresh fruit character, packed with juicy, ripe fruit, medium tannins and fresh aromas.
  • Trapiche Varietals - Malbec, Violet hues, plum and cherry notes with a touch of truffle and vanilla.
Wines of Argentina
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