John Lautner

The Architecture of John Lautner
Palm Springs Art Museum - Annenberg Wing

Referred to as, "one of America's most significant Modernist architects", the exhibition at the Palm Springs Art Museum, showcases the work of John Lautner.
In a quote from online:
"John Lautner designed his buildings in concert with nature relating each structure to its particular setting. In so doing, he transformed the experience of shelter for his clients and their visitors; providing living, dynamic environments that were never static. In a career that spanned six decades and produced more than 150 built works, Lautner created an architecture that valued plasticity, transparent boundaries, freedom in form and plan, and continuity between building and landscape."
Additional information about this exhibition, which runs only until the 30th of May, may be viewed at the Palm Springs Art Museum website - link below.
We highly recommend this exhibition to our readers. You will enjoy this show and the museum, as well.


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