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Friday, March 29, 2013


Silver Lake Garden
Shangri-La is described as a fictional location in the novel, Lost Horizon, written by James Hilton and published in 1933. Mystical and peaceful, this lovely valley is an eternally joyous place, isolated from the chaotic, noisy and disharmonious world outside.
Urban gardens, whether large or small, may not shut out the noisy world outside them. They can, however, shelter us and provide solace from the city.
Each spring, we relish the outbursts from colorful flowering azaleas, wisteria and calla. The season is short, so we constantly watch and record, both visually and technically.
And while each flowering spring seems much the same as the last, we are not tricked into analysis, where feeling is lost to thought. Instead, we wrap ourselves in spring where all is fresh, new - electrically alive.
Enjoy our simple garden. We enjoy sharing it with you.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring-Close Enough!

Silver Lake Garden
I know what month, what day,
Yet, as cloudy doubt smokes irksome mind,
I am cognizant of eyes honest truth.
It blooms inside of living green,
Rising up, like Lazarus,
Billowy ghosts of lives past,
Where was that blossom yesterday, 
That impression preceding thought,
Reflection before sunlight,
Shadow in the darkness?
What is it I see?
A change of season, ground zero.
(Poet and don't know it?)

Saturday's Picks

I took a break from work to post several items I bookmarked over the past week.
What could be better than jams made expressly by a graphic designer or furniture made of luminous resin or a new residential pre-fab designer - and last, but, certainly not least - an Australian fabricator of exciting and beautiful panel material.
So, here are our picks for this warm, spring-like Saturday in Los Angeles:
Cat Lady Preserves -  Sumayya Alsenan

Resin Furniture by Wonmin Park

Stunning pre-fab homes by Claesson Koivisto Rune
Architectural Panels from Axolotl

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tim Sessler

Tim Sessler
First the music - Forecast, by d_rradio - soothing, sensual and mysterious.
Scenes open and we are transported into them via sound and mood. First, a parked vintage automobile, shot from the side. Then, from the air, a city at night shot through a partly cloudy sky. Then, a hallway, isolated and deserted. Next, we view an old residence at the end of a darkened alley.
One scene after another is presented, sans people. Evoking a mood of isolation, each place seems to communicate the distinct impression of recent habitation or of an action executed earlier in time.
The cinematographer guides us into each segment and we are riveted.  Each movement shifts with the transposition of the music’s phrasing - each in-synch with the other. Sky clouds, earth clouds, deserted boats and structures, a curtain blowing in the wind – perhaps forecasting a future on earth, without human interference?
Without knowing why, we watch and listen from beginning until end. It is all we can do. The images are quietly insistent.

Cinematographer, Tim Sessler, made this impressive film. Please visit his website for more information – and to view more of his work.
For more information about the composer of Forecast, please visit: d_rradio.
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