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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lucky Duck


Months went by and each of us wondered about that brightly colored yellow-golden duck, painted on a building at the corner of Hyperion and Griffith Park in Silverlake. Was it another shop? Perhaps another Pilates studio?
Last night, after a busy day, neither of us wanted to cook. I picked up the iPad and began to search for "brightly colored yellow duck" and "Hyperion, Silverlake". And suddenly there they were, about a dozen images for the restaurant, Lucky Duck. Needless to say, we were very excited - a place to go for dinner - close by - "Let's hope it's good."
Within minutes, we were there, seated, glasses of wine in hand and ready to order.
It was all delicious. From Cauliflower "Couscous" (Greek Yogurt, pistachio, Madras curry oil, apple and Medjool dates) to Pea & Pear Salad (English peas, snow peas, sugar snap peas, seckel pear, feta cheese) to a succulent Pork Chop (from Cook Pigs Ranch, honey, brussel sprout and apple slaw) - it was all fresh and tasty.
So happy we found Lucky Duck!

Please read this LA Magazine article for more information.

2630 Hyperion Ave. Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Thursday

• If Any Warhol comes to mind, so does Ultra Violet, Pop Art's famous muse. If you've never heard of her, find out more from CoolHunting.
• Works of impermanent art, by Philippe Baudelocque, are accomplished in chalk and oil pastel - here today, gone tomorrow - from Colossal.
• Sewing enters the 21st Century! Find out more about this beautifully designed handheld sewing machine by Laura Lang - from New Tech Reviews, Gadgets.
• Arik Levy (for Lasvit) has designed "Crystal Rock" - a collection of jewel-like, suspended lamps - from Contemporist.
• And last, but not least, what could be more magical, than magic carpets - by French artist, Miquel Chevalier - at Sacre Coeur, Casablanca, Morocco… as seen on Designboom.
Enjoy our recommendations!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lemon Desserts

From Fine Cooking
According to Jesephus, in the year 90BC a wayward high priest was taught a painful lesson, as the Jews of Jerusalem pelted him with lemons. Little did they know, all those lemons could have been put to better use.
An early morning email presented me with sixteen delicious lemon desserts - from Lemon Merinque Pie to Lemon Bar Cheesecake to Not-So-Classic Lemon Bars.
Thanks, Fine Cooking. I look forward to  each and every one!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mayes' Magnolia

by Frances Mayes

I've enjoyed reading many of Frances Mayes' books and I look forward to reading this - her memoir. Here, to pique your interest, are quotes from her blog:

"I grew up in Fitzgerald, Georgia after World War II and on the cusp of the civil rights movement. We were the last isolated generation–before widespread TV–and a small town deep in South Georgia seemed a world unto itself. For me, a marvelous world. I loved the land, the flat horizon, the fragrant nights, the rain that “walked” across the fields, the sun that could melt gold. Like many southern families, mine had it’s share of wild, eccentric characters. They were full of love but flailed about in preposterous ways, unable to figure out how to live. I grew up. And thrived. And that green, green world still exists whole in memory, that vast terrarium."
"I hope you will like taking this journey with me back into the deep South. If you’ve read my (mostly) sunny, happy books about Tuscany, you might be surprised by my early life. Oddly enough, I was always confident of my happiness. I never doubted it! The best thing writing a memoir might do for the writer is to reveal that you were always exactly yourself, inevitable as a planted seed, regardless of circumstance. I see that I started out writing my life."
There is more to read, but you must take yourself over to her blog for that! And this is how you get there:

Frances Mayes Blog and Website 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All Cool

Today, we present four recommendations - all from CoolHunting.
First, something from Paris; Poilåne's La Barre de Granola, from one of Paris' best boulangeries. Next, textiles inspired by architecture by graphic designer, María Rut Dýrfjörð. Then, a new book for those adventurers in your life, Training for the New Alpinism - training for alpine mountaineering. And last, five creative cookbooks - offering, "more than just recipes, these tomes offer stories, fun and inspiration for readers looking to get into the kitchen."
Thanks, CoolHunting, for informing us - and inspiring us!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Three Tuesday + 1

The US Mint designs a new concave/convex commemorative gold coin!
Artist, Moko Kobayashi brings us to laughter with her charming, beaded works of art, while Alicia Watkins makes us smile, as well, albeit a bit uncomfortably - with her whimsical, hand stitched germs.
Add one more artist of stitchery - Claire Moynihan embroiders insects, displaying them, eventually, as a collection.
US Mint designs domed commemorative coins from Dezeen
Maison des Perles, Moko Kobayashi from Cool Hunting

Whimsical cross-stitching by Alicia Watkins -
Watty's Wall Stuff from Colossal
Insects embroidered by Claire Moynihan

Monday, March 17, 2014

Garden Time

A Work in Progress
In planning and designing a personal garden, process is key. While maintenance is easier as the garden matures, there is always one element or another needing attention as our viewpoint changes toward color or texture - or a new solution is unearthed.
Trees anchor space with their ever-increasing trunk size. And hardscape delineates planting areas. Each plant is allowed enough space so that it has room to grow and prosper.
After many years, and many changes our garden feels right. We take more time enjoying - and less time developing and maintaining. And yet, there is one final area which calls to us. We envision a dining table for six. We see our friends enjoying a warm summer evening with us - dining on grilled this or that, enjoying a fine wine, conversing and laughing into the night.
While we have given so much to our garden, it returns to us ten fold - as we enjoy its peace and harmony. It fills and nourishes us.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

After the Rain

Silverlake Garden
After several dry winter months, rain finally fell on Los Angeles. Sprinklers are off for now with the hope more rain is on the way. After snapping over two dozen photographs, we decided to post only four which we felt illustrated both the dry warmth of previous months and the abundant growth after rain.
Usually, our roses begin to bloom in April - our Azaleas, typically, in mid to late March. Nature opens to both light and warmth and this year is no exception - except, it is happening earlier than usual.
The east hopes for an early spring while we, on the west coast, wonder what happened to winter.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

3 Thursday

From serious to edible to incredible, we present three links from our favorite sites.
California has experienced its worst drought and relief may be on the way with a seawater desalination plant - proposed completion, 2016.
Then, on to dessert. From Food52, we recommend something sweet for the soul - an Espresso Banana Bread.
And finally, from Anne Street Studio - Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, we recommend their beautiful cinematic animated gifs.
Learn - taste - enjoy.
California Seawater Desalination Plant from Inhabitat

Expresso Banana Bread from Food52

Cinematic Animated Gifs, Jamie Beck, Kevin Burg-
Anne Street Studio

Monday, February 24, 2014

Naja Utzon Popov

We wrote about artist and designer, Naja Utzon Popov in 2011 (see story here) and today, we learn she has introduced a new website.

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