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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday's Thoughts

Time has meandered, hesitated, pirouetted, making its way back here, from the long ago into the now. And so, today - finally - we post selections from out there into the here.
First, don't think about picking these delicate flowers. They're not real. But, you might ask, they look so real.  And that's the idea. Kate Alarcón, a paper artist from Seattle, makes these eye-catching/fooling wonders.
Then, we move into the sublime. Christine Nofchissey McHorse exhibits pottery and sculpture at Peter's Projects, Santa Fe, NM. Her work is described in Cfile.daily as possessing "a cultural splendor that is as fertile as the Northern New Mexico forest where McHorse harvests her clay."
Basil. What comes to mind? Pesto for pasta? Yes, however in this case, David Lebovitz uses basil to make a thinner vinaigrette which can be used over most anything. And if you take the time to visit his website, you will be given the recipe!
Last but not least, what does a jewelry designer do to extend her repertoire? Well, she creates cakes. Yes, cakes. And not just simple, everyday cakes. London-based Danish designer Kia Utzon-Frank makes bespoke cakes, specifically for events / clients.
 There you have it. Enjoy each of these "delicacies" by visiting the links, below.
Kate Alarcón - Colossal

Christine Nofchissey McHorse, Double Rain Bird 1997,
bronze, 11.5 x 9 inches - Cfile.daily

Basil Vinaigrette, David Lebovitz

KUFcakes, KUF Studios


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Montecito Golf Club House

Ronald Frink Architects' recent residential project was professionally photographed by Jim Bartsch, Santa Barbara. We present Mr. Bartsch's photographs here - and will look ahead to  more views at some future date. Enjoy!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sweet Friday

As my thoughts turn and churn, suddenly my sweet tooth is activated and I begin day dreaming images of Parisian eclairs and glossy innovative cakes and chocolates and floral tarts. As each thought elevates into the next, the level of excitement grows until, one by one, images of desserts are magically conjured.

•Devour a most unusual and delicious eclair by Christophe Adam of L'Eclair de Genie, Paris.

•Behold  your image in polished mirror cakes designed by Russian baker Olga Noskova.

•Take a trip to Paris via David Lebovitz and roll your eyes as you enjoy the chocolate of  Jean-Charles Rochoux.

•Learn to make your very own Chardonnay Mango Pecan Tart with Pati Jinicvh.

Food for your sweet tooth. Enjoy!
L'Eclair de Genie, Paris

Olga Noskovaa, Mirror Cakes

From David Levovitz,
Jean-Charles Rochoux Chocolate Shop, Paris

From Pati Jinich, Chardonnay Mango Pecan Tart

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday's Selections

Curated for your enjoyment and information, today we present a newly designed bed, a planter which can be almost anywhere, provocative installation art and an amazing pop-up book.
- Belluga Bed, a "smart bed" designed by Joe Katan, as seen on Kickstarter.
- another Kickstarter creation, the Livi Planter, referred to as a "versatile planter for virtually any vertical surface."
- Installation art by Peter Zimmerman.
- a pop-up book by Tauba Zuerbach, [2, 3], as seen on a Colossal.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mesa House

Haciendas at Rancho de San Juan, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico
For more information regarding the sale of this lovely land, please contact Emily Garcia.
Note: Plans for the home described below are available.

With sculptural sandstone rock outcroppings and a meandering arroyo, the gentle sloping 10+ Acre site on the western face of Black Mesa, offers an amazing context for this RFA designed Mesa House.
Mesa House is nestled into a meadow and optimizes views to the adjacent rock formations, the meandering arroyo and steep cliffs, including dramatic views down into the Ojo Caliente River valley.
A contemporary residence within the Haciendas at Rancho de San Juan near Ojo Caliente, NMthe Main House is 2400 SF with an additional 600 SF guest house. It is designed within a southwestern context using natural earth tones in the plaster and stone pavers, with a low building profile to complement the topography, and thick walls with recessed windows and large portals (1200 SF) to shade the interior and exterior living areas.

A serpentine entry drive traverses uphill through the juniper groves leading across the meadow leading up past the Guest House to the east facing sheltered entrance court of the Main House.
The Main House Great room, master bedroom and guest room suites are designed to enjoy optimal privacy and daylight views with easy access to adjacent terraces, portals for indoor/outdoor living.
    Sustainable design features include: rooftop photo-voltaic system for generating electricity on site, storm water catchment system for irrigation of drought tolerant landscape, thick exterior walls with high performance insulation for optimal thermal mass, insulated glazing systems, radiant in-floor heat­ing and passive solar orientation with shaded portals.

      Photo, Cfile - Ra Paulette's sculptural caves. One of Paulette's caves is now part of Origin at Rancho de San Juan.

      Thursday, March 17, 2016

      Silverlake Spring

      Spring in our Silverlake Garden

      Yellow violas add visual delight to our March garden. There are new Azalea flowers in various shades of pink - like old friends, dependable and trustworthy. Claire's coppery-leafed Kalanchoe, prominently displayed in a bright blue pot, is a reminder of sharing and kindness.
      The sights and scents are intoxicating - as after effects of moderate rains this past winter, although not the predicted torrential rains of El Nino. Even the wisteria is wildly blossoming with pale lilac clusters visited by bees.
      Buddha, photographed  from top down, still sits very peacefully under a bright pink blanket of azalea flowers - a purchase from a San Francisco shop over 25 years ago. He is regaled with a faded amethyst and still clear quartz crystals. And both lemon and orange trees are dappled with buds and flowers, after several years of infertility. The amount of rain this past season must be enough for them, along with the occasional feeding we have provided.
      There is something very special about spring and how it opens up our senses. It brings us into natural rhythms, uplifting our spirits with newfound energy.

      Montecito House update

      Ronald Frink Architects
      The sound of water and a peaceful place to relax.
      The clients' request for our design to be an elegant and intimate California home with lovely mountain views is no longer a dream. What was once a bustling construction site, is now a quiet and harmonious place for indoor-outdoor living and entertaining. 
      As the architect, we are delighted to complete this journey of realizing the clients' dream!

      Wednesday, February 24, 2016

      Montecito House update

      Ronald Frink Architects
      February 2016

      We are pleased to present several views of the home.

      Interior furnishings: Barbara Kohn and Elaine Paul with Brian Bell.

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