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We have returned. Has it really been almost three months? Time warp.
•When you walk through a forest, what comes to mind? Do you feel the vibrant and electric air? And what about the canopy of branches above - what comes to mind? Peter Wohlleben's book and interview will open your vision as you venture out on your next walk. •Are you aware of the sensuous, flowing works of Georgia O'Keeffe? Then you will thoroughly enjoy the ceramic bowls of So Yeon Park. They will take your attention into subtle color, fluid shapes, as you are take into a state of active meditation. •Have you thought about your summer reading? No? Well, allow The Rumpus to assist you in choosing a book or two! •Speaking of meditation, when you are either in that forest or atop a bluff peering out at the continually crashing water of the ocean, do you see mythical creatures? As a child, photographer, Rachael Talibart would - and you can see them in her new series, Sirens.  Find out more about each of these gleaning…

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