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One through Four

A Graphic Designer and Illustrator goes within to create a multitude of stars in blackened space. Using what might be termed, "old fashioned" tools such as a Rapidograph, Ms.Kostova allows us to leave planet Earth to soar into the Cosmos - Petra Kostova of Pet + Dot, as seen on Colossal. Architect Ulrika Saar together with builder Russ Davis bring us back to earth with their design for an atypical garden shed guesthouse. Small, but mighty, this 312 square foot shed is divided into several spaces with different functions, including office, kitchenette, bathroom, laundry, etc. - as seen on Contemporist.Oh, dear. It seems social media has had an oops! moment, thinking it could place fig leaves on the famous Venus of Willendorf fertility statue. For 29,500 years, this old girl has been nude in all her lovely glory. Then this. Although she is depicted here in her new attire, you may find her as lovely and nude as ever, online!

We have always loved Paris - a city of cities, beautifu…

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