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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Be Present NOW

Too many years ago, I read the book, Be Here Now, by Ram Dass. I had no idea what it meant. I enjoyed the illustrations which were very cleaver, but, never really understood the meaning of this profound book until a few years ago.
Be-Here-Now - what does that really mean? Put down your phone, your pad, step away from all electronic devices and just sit. Sit for five minutes. Enjoy the space where you sit, whether it be a room or garden or busy city. Just sit and enjoy the space. If a thought enters and creates a bodily sensation, go to where the feeling lives and be with it. Don't label it, judge it or anything else - only be with it. You may find yourself returning attention to space or returning to that feeling in your body. Wherever you go, go consciously. Do this now.
After five minutes or so, go back to whatever it was you were doing. But, this time do it with consciousness - be with it, whatever it is. Pick up your phone or pad and be with each physical movement, allowing nothing past or future to draw your attention. Checking an appointment schedule? Does a feeling come up? Go with it, but be with it fully. Forget about the electronic device and follow the feeling. Choose to do so.
When you are lost in time - in thought after thought -  you have returned to unconsciousness - back to ego. Choose to awaken.

Monday, December 8, 2014

David Liebovitz Gift Guide

Including this vintage and reissued (temporarily) Le Crueset Raymond Loewy Coquelle, you will find wonderful gifts - mostly for the kitchen - one for travel and one for charity - at David Liebovitz!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Belinda Oakley, Christmas Song

Sung by Belinda Oakley
When we first heard this rendition of The Christmas Song, sung by Belinda Oakley - so beautiful and soulful - we thought we would post it closer to the 25th. Today, we needed a bit of Christmas and decided to publish it. Why delay when you can listen to this lovely song, sung by a talented artist - each and every day?
Learn more about Belinda Oakley… and see our earlier posting, here.
The Christmas Song was written by the extraordinary singer, Mel Torme and his writing partner, Bob Wells. Learn more about how the song developed at Performing Songwritier - Be Heard!

Foodie Gift!

Foodie Gifts from Food52
Looking for a "hand-crafted oyster and clam knife" or kits to make your own hot sauce or hand-made creations? Look no further - check out Food52… another blog on our reading list.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gifts that Give Back

Charitable Gifts that Give Back
This season, give a gift that gives back. Send a girl to school, provide support for veterans injured in the line of duty, support the battle to end aids, adopt an African Elephant, etc. Worthwhile gift-giving at its best!

Shop Big

From scarves to flip books to Solar System Lollipops to puzzles and more. Creative gift ideas from our reading list:
The Collossal Shop
Above, New York by Night Scarf
From Collosal:
The design team at Slow Factory created this magnificent silk scarf using a 400 millimeter image of New York City taken from space by a member of Expedition 35 aboard the Earth-orbiting International Space Station. The glowing network of city lights creates a pattern of chaotic beauty across this flowing 52" scarf, outlining easily identifiable landmarks such as Central Park and Manhattan in stunning luminescence. 
Made in Italy with a combination of silk and modal (Modal is a processed bio-based textile made from reconstituted cellulose from beech trees.)

Slow Factory products are fair trade and made with eco-friendly ink.
Dimensions: 52" (132cm)
Weight: 6 ounces
Materials: Modal, Silk
Ships in 2-3 days
About Slow Factory
Inspired by NASA’s open data images from satellites and telescopes, Celine Semaan Vernon founded Slow Factory as a place to explore the connections between people and their world. Slow Factory believes in creating timeless essentials that last. While their sustainable products explore the cosmos, they're designed and produced with the health of this planet in mind.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas from Fine Dining Lovers! As we find lists of holiday gifts from our reading list websites, we'll post them here and lead you to there. Fine Dining Lovers posted a gift list for those of us who enjoy cooking and great food. From knife sharpening cutting boards, to Pantone coffee pots, to beautiful Japanese cookware… just follow the link!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mirabai Devi

From Buddha at the Gas Pump
Our category, "Conscoiusness", is an important part of our site. Without tuning into our silent presence, we cannot find inspiration. Inspiration comes through us - not only from our own inner resources, but also from Source. Form blends with Self and out of this mix, artisty, innovation, invention appear.
For more than a year, I've watched video interviews by Rick Archer on his site, Buddha at the Gas Pump.  Each interview is a gem of intelligence and information. Recently, I was introduced to Mirabai Devi at BATGAP... Please visit Mr. Archer's site and enjoy this and so many more interviews.
Mirabai Devi is an international spiritual teacher, facilitator for healer, author, and the founder of the Mirabai Devi Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to her mission of raising world consciousness through the awakening and healing of humanity.Mirabai Devi is a new paradigm spiritual teacher. Her teachings emphasize the importance of spiritual practice for self-realization, combined with a commitment to personal growth. She recognizes the importance of people working through their patterns and issues by means of self-reflection with the aim of becoming impeccable. As a conduit for the Divine Feminine, Mirabai’s approach is receptive and inclusive, rather than dogmatic. She favors interaction, rather than hierarchy.

What Wednesday Holds

Trays, so elegantly simple - and with handles tucked beneath - awaiting human touch and use.
Vases, composed of visually stunning elements with no need for flowers.
More vases - sculpturally resembling mushroom caps, needing no adornment. Inserting a small fern might add a touch of something extra.
Layered containers of wood may be topped with greenery or presented as they are.
For your visual pleasure, four functional objects of fine design. Enjoy!

Maple trays by Urbancase

Matthew Chamber's concentric, layered ceramic sculptures
as seen on Colossal

SCAPE vase collection as seen on Contemporist

Haldane Martin's Tuber Planters as seen on Contemporist

Friday, November 7, 2014

All Food Friday

I sit at my desk, satiated from having eaten a Salami, Manchego and Arugula Baguette Sandwich from Proof Bakery in Atwater Village. (I can still taste all the fresh ingredients and feel the gentle crunch of the bread.) Wondering what I would post today, I performed a search, thinking I might include a cornucopia of topics. Then, I thought, "Baguette Sandwich", "Manchego", "Salami" - how about an all food day? Lightbulb moment!
So, that's where my lunch took me.
Saveur Magazine has now posted their awards for BEST FOOD BLOGS 2014 and below we include three of the winners.
First up, Pen + Palate - Best Writing. Post title, Conspicuous Consumption, October 2, 2014
Next, I Am a Food Blog - Blog of the Year. Post title, Pumpkin Ricotta Pancake Recipe
Finally, Hortus - Vegetarian Cooking from an Italian Garden, Best New Blog. Post title, Chocolate and Pear Ricotta Cheesecake.
Be sure to go to Saveur - to find out about all the other 2014 winners! Bon Appetite!
Pen + Palate - A Culinary Journal

I Am A Food Blog - Celebrating the Awesomeness of Food

Hortus - Vegetarian Cooking from an Italian Garden
Photo: Valentina Sofrini

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Paramahansa Yogananda, came to the west in the middle of last century, bringing with him methods of Yoga, meditation and enlightenment. In this new documentary, we learn about the man and his spiritual journey, his philosophy and teachings.
His book, Autogiography of a Yogi, was the only book, Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, placed in his iPad! His was a living movement that continues into this very day.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Michael Eastman

Badlands #1, Michael Eastman
Michael Eastman, a leading contemporary photographic artist, with four decades of work which includes a diversity of images is, unbelievably, self-taught.
From his website:
He "has spent four decades documenting interiors and facades in cities as diverse as Havana, Paris, Rome and New Orleans… producing large-scale photographs unified by their visual precision, monumentality and painterly use of color, he is most recognized for his explorations of architectural form and the textures of decay, which create mysterious narrative about time and place."
Mr. Eastman's work is included in collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the International Center of Photography, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art - and other renowned institutions. Books of his work include, Havana, Vanishing America and Horses.
Below, photographs by Mr. Eastman are presented at Art Miami by Carole Hochman, Director of the Barry Friedman Gallery, Ltd.
For more information, please visit, Michael Eastman's website

Friday, October 31, 2014

Pix Friday

Potholes - a problem and a beautiful solution.
Play poker (or any other card game) with these newly designed decks.
And how about lip balm that makes you think your drinking a non-alcoholic, Old Fashioned?
All these, gleaned from out there and presented here!
Jim Bachor and his solution to Chicago's potholes - Colossal

Amigo playing cards - CoolHunting

Cocktail inspired lip balms by Stewart + Claire - CoolHunting

Creatively Playful


From dezeen, Mr. Wilcox says, "I believe that playfulness in design - particularly at the beginning, at the ideas stage - is really important."
Wilcox is noted for his surreal drawings and seemingly meaningless inventions, some included in his book, Variations on Normal.
Please travel on to dezeen to find out more - particularly about his stained glass automobiles to be shown at the Dezeen and Mini Frontiers Exhibition.
Learn more about the creative process - and enjoy the work of Dominic Wilcox!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Vija Celmins and Bruce Nauman

Excerpts - MoMA
So much is said in such a small amount of time in these exerpts from MoMA Multimedia. To learn even more, please visit the Museum of Modern Art website.
Vija Celmins, MoMA
Bruce Nauman, MoMA

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Creative Mix

I make images and objects that knock down the doors of your imagination.
I animate your stories.
I put together scintillating art exhibitions.
I make music. You listen. I change your mind.
I instruct you in the preparation of perfect food.
I am creativity at work and play. I make the world a more interesting place.
Following is today's mix of inventive, creative artists - in several different fields.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Rumpus

We now list this site - for writers, about writing - on our ready list! From time to time, we will post a link to book reviews, etc. So, join us and join in on The Rumpus!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Strip of Crimson

Santa Fe - Vignette
That first morning, the altitude scorched my attitude. Coffee lifted me some, but it took another 24 hours before I could announce that I had truly landed in Santa Fe. Our landlords, I'm sure, thought I was some kind of unhappy, jaded, citified Californian - worse, a Californian from Los Angeles. Our first conversation, if it could be called that, was all small talk; "oh, what a wonderful guesthouse" and "Why in the world are you renting it to perfect strangers?" (not my business) and "We are so happy to be back in our favorite place!" - as if we didn't have another favorite place or two.
As our attitudes tempered, our senses heightened and what we loved most about this place came into clear, pristine focus: transparent air - thin, dry, clean. An unavoidable sky, at times filled with clouds of all varieties and qualities - and sunsets like these:

That first dynamite sunset! We forgot about altitude, about attitude and everything else. We were here. We were lighthearted and content and ripe for adventure.
From that point our spirits lifted us into ethereal realms - we took off in all directions, not once turning back.

Then we returned home - a hard landing, a thud. But, home is home and it is where we thrive and survive, until that future time, when home is there and not here anymore.

Quote from Willa Cather (1873-1947), U.S. novelist. Death Comes for the Archbishop, book VII, ch. IV (1927). The archbishop and an Indian guide travel through the desert toward Santa Fe.

''The sky was as full of motion and change as the desert beneath it was monotonous and still,—and there was so much sky, more than at sea, more than anywhere else in the world. The plain was there, under one's feet, but what one saw when one looked about was that brilliant blue world of stinging air and moving cloud. Even the mountains were mere ant-hills under it. Elsewhere the sky is the roof of the world; but here the earth was the floor of the sky. The landscape one longed for when one was away, the thing all about one, the world one actually lived in, was the sky, the sky!''

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Five Friday on Thurs.

Here we go, again. Time moves forward and we present 5 (five) recommendations - from ceramics to photographs, with a dash of new music thrown into the mix. We present the following artists and their work.
Sueharu Fukami: Porcelain Sculptures, 1980 – 2014 - cfile

Future Brown - Pitchfork

Artist, Jen Stark - Contemporist

MVRDV - new architecture - designboom
NYT Magazine Photographic Exhibition - Aperture

Monday, September 8, 2014


MUSIC - added to our Reading List
Why did it take so long?
Today we add two new blogs to our reading list. Both present information about new contemporary music: Pitchfork and The Line of Best Fit.
From time to time, we will recommend items from each - and present them to you - with a follow-up link to one site or the other.
And from Pitchfork, an article about Ariel Pink - the double album, pom pom, which will be out November 18.
So, take a look!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Today's Picks

Whether you are at work or tending to your children or sitting at a cafe, sipping tea - you will want to take a break and appreciate the artistry in the following recommendations.
Although printed via machinery the ceramics accomplished by Olivier van Herpt will intrigue you - as will the striking watercolors of Karina Eibatova.
Then, to answer your question as to whether or not you would purchase an ancient tea cup for 36 million dollars, follow the link below.
While you ask that question, put your tongue firmly in-cheek and take a peek at the new friends of artist / photographer, Dita Pepe.
Afterwards, slip on your new vacuum formed shoes (thanks to Lou Moria) and walk yourself over to Gallery LVS and view the exquisite, minimal ceramic work of Minsoo Lee.
So, put down that fork, call the baby-sitter, take a break from work, kick your feet up - and enjoy!
Printed ceramics by Olivier van Herpt, cfile

Watercolor minerals by Karina Eibatova, Colossal

36 million dollar teacup, cfile

Artist Dita Pepe incorporates herself
into the lives of other, Colossal

Lou Moria's vacuum-formed shoes, Designboom

Minsoo Lee's Inner Spaces ceramics, cfile

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Narrow Band of Light

From Deezen, a posting about Milton Glaser's elegant image, addressing the crucial issue of climate change. The emerald green band at the bottom of the sphere is symbolic of the small portion of life remaining on earth. According to Mr. Glaser, "There is no more significant issue on earth than its survival."
For more information, please visit Dezeen or the website of Milton Glaser.
From Mr. Glaser's website:

Milton Glaser (b.1929) is among the most celebrated graphic designers in the United States. He has had the distinction of one-man-shows at the Museum of Modern Art and the Georges Pompidou Center. He was selected for the lifetime achievement award of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum (2004) and the Fulbright Association (2011), and in 2009 he was the first graphic designer to receive the National Medal of the Arts award. As a Fulbright scholar, Glaser studied with the painter, Giorgio Morandi in Bologna, and is an articulate spokesman for the ethical practice of design. He opened Milton Glaser, Inc. in 1974, and continues to produce a prolific amount of work in many fields of design to this day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Three

innovate |ˈinəˌvāt|verb [ no obj. ]make changes in something established, esp. by introducing new methods, ideas, or products: the company's failure to diversify and innovate competitively.• with obj. ] introduce (something new, esp. a product): innovating new products, developing existing ones.
Constantine Zlatev, from designboom
Artist, Constantine Zlatev takes a double barreled shotgun, and with electronics and technology, remodels them into musical instruments - producing etheric flute-like sounds. Something potentially used for killing is now transformed into a musical instrument - something for the concert hall.
Designer, Marcel Dunger, takes "shards" of maple wood, introduces  colorful translucent resin and converts them into functional works of jewelry-art.
And speaking of transformation, Olafur Eliasson recreates a riverbed inside of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - nature and art overlap, blurring boudaries between inside and outside.
Enjoy the work of these inspired artists.
Marcel Dunger, from Colossal

Olafur Eliasson, Riverbed, 2014, installation shot 
photo by Anders Sune Berg, courtesy of the
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art -
from designboom

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Mix

Beginning a new week, we are taken on a journey, starting with the smart, yet "goofy knick-knacks", of Nathan Prouty… then onto powerful tornados of light, by Martin Kimbell. Midway along this journey, we find colorful, printed men's pocket hankies. And for a sip of tea, we gallivant to a 130 year old Japanese pottery shop - where contemporary graphics hold reign. Finally, what could be more stylish and a feast to the eyes, then the sleek lines of beautiful Bugatti.
While Monday signals a new beginning, these eye-catching photographs will take you into new world. So follow the links!
Nathan Prouty, Banana Globe, 2014, from cfile

Martin Kimbell's Light Tornadoes, from Colossal

Pocket Squares and more from P. Johnson Tailors

A modern spin on traditional Kutani tableware, from Colossal

Classic style and design by Bugatti

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