Santa Fe, NM

Some would suggest that it was artist, Gerogia O'keeffe, who brought minimalism to northern New Mexico. Her paintings, which pair down subject matter to its essence, perhaps are more a product of the geographical austerity and beauty of the landscape - which may, instead, have affected the artist and her work.
Nonetheless, there is something interesting that happens to us when we begin to spend time in Santa Fe and regions north of the City Different.
When visiting a place for the first time, particularly if charmed by the culture, the people and their customs, we tend to assimilate to it, temporarily. However, with an abbreviated visit we tend to view a place only from one angle or viewpoint. With each subsequent visit, our view changes and with more scrutiny, we begin to see the "real" place. And, although the original charm still exists, we have incorporated ourselves more fully into the reality of place, thus giving us a fuller, more truthful viewpoint.
This is how one falls in love with a place. This is what happened to Georgia O'keeffe and this is what happens to many people when they visit Santa Fe and northern New Mexico - over and over, again.
So, one might begin with loving vigas and coyote fences, brightly painted wooden snakes, etc., and end with loving another, more palpable, City Different.
Here are some ways to get to know minimal Santa Fe:
Tai Modern

Izanami (at Ten Thousand Waves Spa) - added 10-1014

Bouche Bistro - added 10-2014

Dulce Bakery - added 10-1014

SantaCafe - added 10-2014

Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeehouse
Garcia Street Books

Site Santa Fe

Georgia O'keeffe Museum

Restaurant Martin

Downtown Subscription

Santa Fe Opera

Santa Fe Clay


  1. Wonderful photos and coverage of Santa Fe. The opera house is fantastic!
    Love your blog!


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