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Saturday, May 15, 2010

James Franco interviews Marina Abramovic

As actor, James Franco interviews artist, Marina Abramovic, we learn what it means to work and live as an artist.
Ms. Abramovic explains how she began as a painter and evolved into a performance artist. She states that art develops out of life and not in the studio. The studio is a safe place. However, in life, the artist faces fear, moves through it - and in doing so, learns and changes. 
In performance art everything is part of the work - whether intended or unintended.
For the past two months, Ms. Abramovic sat in the center of her exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, as visitors lined up, waiting to sit with her - sharing intimate eye-contact and communing silently. Perhaps for the first time, each visitor finds truth in the eyes of another person - and within themselves. See earlier post, March 19, 2010.

Marina Abramovic at MOMA: The Artist Is Present
Sean Kelly Gallery, New York
Wall Street Journal Online

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