Chance Encounters

The archeologist searches for markers of civilization. While carefully digging, she finds a fragment here, another there. These fragments either remain in place or are collected and held for later use.
I see my searches in much the same way. I, as archeologist, "find" artists and architects and makers of fascinating objects and present them here.
Today, with the great pride of one who has searched, diligently - I present the following artifacts from my dig.
Batzek Bowls by Yael Tandler Design

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Egg Box, designed by Otîlia Erdélyi

Still Life: "Smaklost", by Fideli Sundqvist
photo: Olivia Jeczmyk, Stylist: Joanna Lavén
Kilim, 2008/2009, silicone, 1100 x 220 cm, 360°, CAP Cologne, curated by Dorothee Joachim, GER, photo: Heike Weber
Heike Weber 


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