diner en blanc Los Angeles
From the four corners of Los Angeles, they drove to the revealed location. They gathered, dressed their tables, laid out food and lit candles. White on white on summer white.
Swirling hankies signaled the group's excitement and recognition of success. Let the festivities begin!
Some dressed to impress. Others encouraged their imaginations - men's black shoes adorned with white stickers, a fabricated gauzy dress cinched at the waist with a silver cord, a toga (yes, someone wore a sheet!). Some women wore glittery jewels. And many guests wore hats of all colors, shapes, sizes. A photographed favorite was a mocha colored, feather adorned cap sitting atop a head of dark, cascading curls.
It was a lovely evening, lasting only a few hours. Then, one by one, tables were cleared as guests quietly left. Soon, all were gone. Only the faint twinkling of a still-lit candle shone in the distance.
Nothing, then everything, then absolute quiet.
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