Ivo Tavares Studio
It began with a photograph of an umbrella-covered passageway. Then I saw the name, Ivo Tavares. When I connected the two, I discovered "branding".

What is branding? Think of it as an image or text designating only one type of product on the market. When we see the "brand", we specifically know what to expect in terms of a product's quality, taste and image. We immediately identify not only the product, but the company behind it.
What do you think of when I say, umbrella? Certainly, you know it as a hand-held functional object - for protection against rain or sunlight. However, does  monumental "canopy" ever come to mind? Probably, not.
I sat for a moment, studying the image and finally asked, "Why didn't I think of that?"
Ivo Tavares Studio did think of it. They developed it and had it installed in the Portuguese village of Agueda. Visitors enjoy this artful installation as they walk to their destinations. This passageway is now - and for as long as these umbrellas remain in place - branded. "Oh, yes, that's the place where all those umbrellas hang above like colorful clouds," someone might say. Or, "Of course, I will meet you in the cafe below all the umbrellas!"
Branding aside, the uplifting feeling of walking under these suspended objects would bring immense joy to anyone's inner child!
Ivo Tavares • Ricardo Abreu • Luîs Melo
Ivo Tavares Studio
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