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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Three Tuesday + 1

The US Mint designs a new concave/convex commemorative gold coin!
Artist, Moko Kobayashi brings us to laughter with her charming, beaded works of art, while Alicia Watkins makes us smile, as well, albeit a bit uncomfortably - with her whimsical, hand stitched germs.
Add one more artist of stitchery - Claire Moynihan embroiders insects, displaying them, eventually, as a collection.
US Mint designs domed commemorative coins from Dezeen
Maison des Perles, Moko Kobayashi from Cool Hunting

Whimsical cross-stitching by Alicia Watkins -
Watty's Wall Stuff from Colossal
Insects embroidered by Claire Moynihan

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