Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi
When I saw the headline, RIP Anna Piaggi, I must admit, I was clueless. "Who was Anna Piaggi?" I wondered. 
Next to the headline was a photo of a woman demanding to be admired; a woman dressed in multi-colored faux fur collar atop a boldly printed coat, holding a bright blue umbrella, with a face made up for taking no prisoners and no nonsense. Who was this (eccentric and unafraid)) person?
I had to find out more.
I read, in Wikipedia, that Ms. Piaggi, "Since 1969... used a bright red manual Olivetti valentine typewriter for her work". What work? Well, as it turns out, Anna Piaggi was an icon of fashion and style and most importantly, a renowned fashion writer (Vogue Italia). The moment I read that she used the same charming typewriter for so many years, ignoring the computer, I began to settle in and read more. 
Here's what I discovered:
Ms. Piaggi was an associate of Karl Lagerfeld and Manolo Blahnik. She was an admirer of Vivienne Westwood. And for years, her stand-out fashion and make-up made her the personality of all the major international runway shows. Mr. Lagerfeld was quoted as saying that Ms. Piaggi, "invents fashion".
Anna was an individualist.
So, RIP Anna. You put a dent on this planet with your colorful individuality - you will be missed.
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