Paula Hayes, artist

Simple, elegant glass containers of varying sizes are filled with brown and colored earth and layered with small stones and jagged rocks; artworks formally composed and balanced, they are not just terrariums. Instead the artist, Paula Hayes, has constructed miniature, pristine worlds encased in glass, perhaps to reveal the fragility of our ecosystem.
In this time of planetary negligence, for those who are willing to take a moment, these delicate sculptural works force us to carefully view the artist's perception of Eden - perfect gardens for an imperfect humanity. Most of us neither see the tree, much less the forest and these composed milieus quietly speak to us, in this time, about the preservation of our delicate natural balance.
Paula Hayes (b. 1958) received her MFA in sculpture from Parsons School of Design, NY and her work has been exhibited, internationally. Her work has been reviewed in various publications, including, Architectural Record, The Los Angeles Times, Artforum and The New York Times.

Marianne Boesky Gallery
Paula Hayes Studio


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