A Story: Quantum Physics + The Law of Attraction

Are we playing our parts well?
"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination."
Albert Einstein
“I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I've written for myself, and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part.”
Shirley MacLaine
Years ago I read Shirley MacLaine's book, "Out on a Limb" and journeyed with the author and actress into her alternative realities. Traveling with her to Galisteo, New Mexico, we meandered back through time via various incarnations learning more about ourselves in this lifetime. My journey was vicarious. However, as I read, I found myself questioning my life and relationships - our stories intertwined.
While reading, I nudged judgment aside, molding my mind into a hollow receptacle, allowing new information to pour in. My image of Ms. MacLaine gradually changed. She had become more than an entertainer, developing into a multi-dimensional person - exploring both visible and invisible realms.
Years go by... Relationships, locations, lives change and  we travel through time, from 1983, when "Out on a Limb" was published, to 1996 and the opening of the play, "Four Dogs and a Bone" at the Westwood Playhouse. I had the good fortune to be invited to the opening as a guest of Ron Frink, architect of what was to become the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood Village, Los Angeles, with the new Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater at the Geffen.
Photograph:Benny Chan, fotoworks
Among the many show business types in attendance, we saw Sally Field, Raquel Welch, Kurt Russell, Geena Davis and we were, very briefly, introduced to Shirley MacLaine. It was such a new experience, rubbing elbows with the stars. Ms. MacLaine smiled, greeted us warmly, then excused herself as she turned to meet a friend. In leaving the theater later that evening, I thought of her book and wondered if metaphysical energy permeated all her experiences. I questioned whether or not she consulted her ethereal advisers when planning to attend an event such as an opening. Not once, however, did I think I would meet her, again.
Move ahead many more years, to 2007. Attending a charitable event for the Girls and Boys Club of Abiquiu, New Mexico, I mingled with the guests at the lovely home of our gracious hostess, Marsha Mason. I said hello to several old friends and in time, we sat outside at one, very long, Tuscan-style dining table. The setting was lovely: reflective lake, large expanse of manicured lawn, lights strung above us and a dusting of wispy clouds in the distance.
Near the completion of our delicious supper, an auctioneer quickly barked out his descriptions of items for auction. As I finished my last bit of dessert, he asked what we would pay for a hand-painted vase created by Marsha Mason. Hands rose and various members of the group announced their bids. The beautiful vase sold for a good price and another vase was, immediately, held up for all to see. A woman rose from the far end of the table and removed the vase from the auctioneer's hand. To my surprise, Shirley MacLaine was in attendance.
As Ms. MacLaine became the auctioneer, she walked closer and closer to where I sat. An actress in performance, she played to the crowd. To the vase, she added another item: a night at her home for four people. The original auctioneer yelled out, "Come on everyone, what price to spend the night with Shirley MacLaine!" We all laughed. Then Ms. MacLaine responded, "A night with me - on December 21, 2012!" Having heard about this Mayan date for the end of the world - or the transformation of all we know - I turned to her and quietly said, "That's not a very good date." She reacted with a slap up the back of my head. I was instantly awakened from my food stupor, realizing I was not a player in her show. Slightly embarrassed, I smiled and lifted my eyebrows. She continued selling her vase - and a night at her home, until the right price was reached.
When the auction concluded, I left the table and walked back to Ms. Mason's home and chatted with guests in the library. After a short while, I noticed Ms. MacLaine walking past a large picture window and I waited for her as she made her entrance. As she approached, I walked to her and said, "I can now tell all my friends I was slapped upside the head by Shirley MacLaine for rudely interrupting her performance!" She laughed, opened her arms wide, exclaiming, "Was that you?", as she hugged me and walked away with a wave and a "Good night", iridescent silk coat flowing into the starry evening.

A book, a brief encounter, a hug... while these brief moments with a famous person might be random coincidences, it does make me wonder about the simultaneity of events and the interconnectedness of everything. According to the laws of quantum physics, everything from the macroscopic to the microscopic consists of pure energy and is intricately interconnected with everything else. Another law, the spiritual law of attraction, states that as we focus on a thing, it will come into our lives. Although I never focused my thoughts on Ms. MacLaine, she entered my life twice (three times, if you count her book) - our lives briefly intertwining. As far as I know, my thoughts did not summon her. Be that as it may, if we are all connected in this great fabric of time and space, we should thoroughly enjoy the adventure and play our parts well. One never knows when that tap on the head will arrive to awaken us out of our reverie.
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