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Eating raw foods is the simplest way to find your physical balance. Gaining weight will become a thing of the past, because eating raw means you will arrive at your perfect weight. You will have energy and mental clarity. You will look better and feel better - and you will operate at your optimum best.
Many years ago, I discovered the value of deliciously prepared raw food, so I write from personal experience. My body feels perfectly full after a meal and the process of digestion is easier and much more productive. 
While I currently incorporate cooked foods into my diet, raw food is eaten each day - sometimes as a salad, although, usually as a simple "gourmet" meal from one of my raw foods cookbooks. And several days during the week, I juice fresh, organic vegetables. Balance is everything.
Recently, I came across a wonderful book, titled, "Ani's Raw Food Essentials" - the second book by Ani Phyo.
Ms. Phyo provides us with a method to easily transition into a diet of raw foods. Using tools and food already in your kitchen, she teaches fast and easy recipes; everything from classic comfort food, along with gourmet dishes and "you-won't-believe-they're-raw" desserts. The author also furnishes her readers with tips on dehydrating, fermenting and sprouting foods.
If you're thinking you won't have time to learn new food preparation methods, just think about all the time you will save by not cooking! We highly recommend Ani's book.
In the following video, Ani Phyo introduces you to her new book and shares a recipe.

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