Lebovitz for LA

Photo: David Lebovitz
I could have written this:
"I’m one of those people who loves Los Angeles. Even rarer, I’m one of those San Franciscans who loves Los Angeles." David Lebovitz
Originally from San Francisco, I came to Los Angeles many years ago. Whenever I spoke to those I left behind, I heard about how Los Angeles topped San Francisco only in the weather department. "Oh, one thing you have is great weather" - as if that was the one, solitary, thing! As I heard that line, over and over, again, I would think of all the wonderful other things I found in LA, repeating them like silent mantras:  the vibrant art scene, the developing and evolving restaurant scene - and a vibrancy and aliveness that our sister city up north seemed to lack - particularly on those cold and foggy SF days. And not only great weather, but, world-class beaches, great sea food and the heart of the entertainment industry. And, also, the best weather on the planet.
David Lebovitz, a food writer living in Paris, writes about LA in a recent blog posting.
Mr. Lebovitz is the author of the following books about food:

Room for Dessert
Ripe for Dessert
The Great Book of Chocolate
The Perfect Scoop
The Sweet Life in Paris
Ready for Dessert

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