Five Thursday

• If Andy Warhol comes to mind, so does Ultra Violet, Pop Art's famous muse. If you've never heard of her, find out more from CoolHunting.
• Works of impermanent art, by Philippe Baudelocque, are accomplished in chalk and oil pastel - here today, gone tomorrow - from Colossal.
• Sewing enters the 21st Century! Find out more about this beautifully designed handheld sewing machine by Laura Lang - from New Tech Reviews, Gadgets.
• Arik Levy (for Lasvit) has designed "Crystal Rock" - a collection of jewel-like, suspended lamps - from Contemporist.
• And last, but not least, what could be more magical, than magic carpets - by French artist, Miquel Chevalier - at Sacre Coeur, Casablanca, Morocco… as seen on Designboom.
Enjoy our recommendations!


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