All Food Friday

I sit at my desk, satiated from having eaten a Salami, Manchego and Arugula Baguette Sandwich from Proof Bakery in Atwater Village. (I can still taste all the fresh ingredients and feel the gentle crunch of the bread.) Wondering what I would post today, I performed a search, thinking I might include a cornucopia of topics. Then, I thought, "Baguette Sandwich", "Manchego", "Salami" - how about an all food day? Lightbulb moment!
So, that's where my lunch took me.
Saveur Magazine has now posted their awards for BEST FOOD BLOGS 2014 and below we include three of the winners.
First up, Pen + Palate - Best Writing. Post title, Conspicuous Consumption, October 2, 2014
Next, I Am a Food Blog - Blog of the Year. Post title, Pumpkin Ricotta Pancake Recipe
Finally, Hortus - Vegetarian Cooking from an Italian Garden, Best New Blog. Post title, Chocolate and Pear Ricotta Cheesecake.
Be sure to go to Saveur - to find out about all the other 2014 winners! Bon Appetite!
Pen + Palate - A Culinary Journal

I Am A Food Blog - Celebrating the Awesomeness of Food

Hortus - Vegetarian Cooking from an Italian Garden
Photo: Valentina Sofrini


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