Be Present NOW

Too many years ago, I read the book, Be Here Now, by Ram Dass. I had no idea what it meant. I enjoyed the illustrations which were very cleaver, but, never really understood the meaning of this profound book until a few years ago.
Be-Here-Now - what does that really mean? Put down your phone, your pad, step away from all electronic devices and just sit. Sit for five minutes. Enjoy the space where you sit, whether it be a room or garden or busy city. Just sit and enjoy the space. If a thought enters and creates a bodily sensation, go to where the feeling lives and be with it. Don't label it, judge it or anything else - only be with it. You may find yourself returning attention to space or returning to that feeling in your body. Wherever you go, go consciously. Do this now.
After five minutes or so, go back to whatever it was you were doing. But, this time do it with consciousness - be with it, whatever it is. Pick up your phone or pad and be with each physical movement, allowing nothing past or future to draw your attention. Checking an appointment schedule? Does a feeling come up? Go with it, but be with it fully. Forget about the electronic device and follow the feeling. Choose to do so.
When you are lost in time - in thought after thought -  you have returned to unconsciousness - back to ego. Choose to awaken.


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