Monday Mix

Beginning a new week, we are taken on a journey, starting with the smart, yet "goofy knick-knacks", of Nathan Prouty… then onto powerful tornados of light, by Martin Kimbell. Midway along this journey, we find colorful, printed men's pocket hankies. And for a sip of tea, we gallivant to a 130 year old Japanese pottery shop - where contemporary graphics hold reign. Finally, what could be more stylish and a feast to the eyes, then the sleek lines of beautiful Bugatti.
While Monday signals a new beginning, these eye-catching photographs will take you into new world. So follow the links!
Nathan Prouty, Banana Globe, 2014, from cfile

Martin Kimbell's Light Tornadoes, from Colossal

Pocket Squares and more from P. Johnson Tailors

A modern spin on traditional Kutani tableware, from Colossal

Classic style and design by Bugatti


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