Sonoma Reverie

Running on the treadmill for too long, we become inflexible, stiff from life's daily routine. In taking leave, we unfold, relax and return to ourselves.
Our friend invited us to visit and without much thought we departed, slamming the door hard behind us. We traveled from city life Los Angeles to country life Sonoma, dropping one distracting care after another with each passing mile. Arriving, we drove from the nearby airport to our destination. The one hundred degree heat could not dampen our enthusiasm. We opened to the intensity of it, surrendering, dropping stress like chain mail. Immediately relieved.
Desiring an experience of place, we began with a walk through our friend's garden. Not an ordinary garden, it seemed magical, filled with the buzzing activity of summer. This was only the beginning of our journey. We took walks, ate at various small town restaurants, consumed wines from several wineries, played boardgames in the evenings and discovered unique treasures in shops.
At the end of the week, we attempted to replicate our walk through the enchanted garden - a beginning and an end. One last reverie before our journey home.

A few of our recommendations:


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