Artist, Susan Silton

Artist, Susan Silton, whistles as her work in the following video.
We met Susan several years ago at a downtown gallery. Intending to view the work of another artist that day, it was a happy accident and our great pleasure to meet Susan. Afterwards, we frequently ran into her at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants during lunch.
Our brief encounters with this multi-talented, well-known Los Angeles artist have always left us wanting for more. She is intelligent, sensitive and, at times, very funny.
Via her Facebook page, Susan provides the following description for her work:
"Varied projects investigate how perception is shaped and distorted: by spin, consumerism, the weight of history, identity, and information overload."
In the video, below, while you may encounter humor - remember, meaning always follows.
PS Susan is the one wearing glasses.

Susan Silton & The Crowing Hens / Promo from Vim Crony on Vimeo.
Susan Silton (b. 1956)
Susan Silton is a Los Angeles-based, multidisciplinary artist whose work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally, including at SolwayJones, Los Angeles; SITE Santa Fe; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne; and Allanz Zeignierderiassung, Berlin. Her work investigates how perception is shaped and distorted by spin, consumerism, and the weight of history, identity, and information overload. She incorporates photographic-based processes, video, installation, performative works, and offset lithography, collectively and variously, to reconsider, complicate, and subvert interpretation, especially as it relates to subjectivity. (MAK Center)
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