Sofya's Short Story

When we heard about a promising young writer, who lives a shout away from us, we asked for permission to post one of her stories. Sofya (her pen name and one of the story's characters) gave us this delightful adventure story about the return of spring. After reading it, you may want to travel with this charming cast of characters each year as spring arrives.
Keep this young writer in mind. You may find yourself reading one of her best sellers, one day!

It's a little known fact that sometimes Spring forgets to return from holiday. To avoid a horrible hullabaloo, the animals send a secret rescue crew to the Planet Spaghetti. It’s a scrumptious place where every day of the year is March 25 which is fabulous news for some.
When the pilot pecked on the window pane at dawn and Sofya saw the rocket ship waiting below, it was clear that this would be no ordinary adventure.
"Prepare for blast off, Juliette , my marvelous , monstery friend, I can’t do this on my own”...
(Here is the part that she wrote)
“Captain Sofya, we must check the calculations!” cried Assistant Captain Juliette as we were flying through space to Planet Spaghetti, Land of Noodles.
“Oh no, Lucy!” shouted Pilot Annie, waving her finger.
“I told her not to eat the candy.” She was so mad her face was red as she stormed out of the cockpit, muttering under her breath.
I sighed. Lucy was a parrot who thought she was a cat so she acted naughty; stealing candy was definitely one of the things she would do.
“Well,” I said to Juliette after ten hours of flying, “I think it’s time we arrive at Planet Art, Land of Paint so we can get dinner.”
Then, just as I said this, there was a BUMP! We landed on a surface that was squishy. It was a giant paint tube (which as they landed, made a farting noise and squirted cherry red paint). To their astonishment, the paint landed on a canvas. While this happened, they were all climbing out.
Out holding the canvas was a giant paint palette (well, at least way bigger than a normal one). But this one had eyes, a nose, a mouth, arms and legs.
“Hello, I’m Captain Sofya and this is Assistant Captain Juliette, Pilot Annie and Lucy the Naughty Parrot”.
He said, “Nice to meet you lot, my real name is James but you can call me Pete. Oh, by the way, whenever a ship lands here, it lands on a paint tube,” (he said pointing), “the ship lands on it and squirts out paint. It’s my job to catch the paint on my canvas and give it to the Art Workers. They make paintings to put in the Hall of Art.”
“Wow, hey Lucy, what do you think of that?” said Pilot Annie. Then I suddenly remembered why we were there. “Hey Pete, do you know where a restaurant is?” I asked. Pete’s face fell.
“No.” he said sadly. “The only food here would poison you.”
Then he said, “Chocolate.”
All of us cats screamed, “We’re leaving!”
“Chocolate!” Juliette gasped.
“Wait, can I come?” asked Pete hopefully.
“Yes!”, we cried; even Lucy agreed.
So they were off- a naughty parrot, three strange cats and an overlarge, strange paint palette, all going to a Planet with Noodles. Can you believe that? They had to fly for five straight days until they finally made it! They went to Planet Spaghetti, Land of Noodles.
They landed on a bed of ravioli and got out. I asked the hotel manager what room Spring was staying in.
“Room 853!”, she said excitedly. They went up the elevator and went to Spring’s room, knocked twice...the door opened.
Spring was a winged horse which made Spring begin as long as she was at their planet.
“Spring, it’s time to return.” said Pete.
“Oh my goodness, you are right!” she cried.
So they flew, this time much faster with Spring’s magic. When they got home, everybody cheered. Spring was back at last.

Below, is Sofya's original story:


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