Ruth Duckworth, Ceramicist

RUTH DUCKWORTH - Ceramic Artist
For me, the single most interesting image depicted in the Clark + DelVecchio newsletter, recently emailed, was this one:
Untitled #22686, 1986. Porcelain,  13 x 11 in.
Created by Ruth Duckworth, this sensual, elegant work peeked my curiosity. As I searched for more information about the artist, I discovered that she died in 2009. Born in 1919, Hamburg, Germany, Ms. Duckworth left her native country in 1936 for England. She was educated at the Liverpool School of Art, the Hammersmith School of Art and the School of Arts and Crafts, London. 
Her work is included in numerous public collections, including: the Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
According to the Clark + DelVecchio website, Ms. Duckworth was, " to the minimalist aesthetic of Henry Moore and Isamu Noguchi whose influences remain in her work today."
There is a machine-like quality to much of the work, where one or more pieces fit into one another. - giving one the impression of grounded movement. The artist seems to communicate in  a cryptic language of punctuated shapes and form, conveying the impression of both personal and formal problem-solving.
In this video, directed by Karen Carter, Ms. Duckworth talks about her life and art.
You may link to more images, here.  


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