Valérie Buess

Artist, Valérie Buess
Amazonenhelm, 20 x 16 x 22 cm
What does Valérie Buess have in mind when she sits with an old book in hand, transforming its pages into sea creatures or other organic forms; a metamorphosis completely twisting the mind into wonder?
Taking a well-known material and painstakingly working it until each element is retooled into another familiar, unearthly object, Ms. Buess extracts the extraordinary from the ordinary.
boycotting the original content, 21 x 16 x 7.5 cm
A fan of twisted, braided paper  - a once familiar book - never to be read again - instead to be enjoyed as something new and as inspirational as its former self.
cloud 2, 30 x 28 x 65 cm

Above, a cluster of violet "sea anemones", their tendrils once held as flat pages in a reader's hands.
While origami was transformed into an art form at the beginning of Japan's Edo period, I wonder what an artist of that time would make of Ms. Buess' captivating paper sculptures.

Ms. Buess is a Swiss artist, living in Germany. She has been included in various exhibitions, internationally.
Ms. Buess is, not only a sculptor, but also a photographer. A couple of examples are shown below.
For more information about these and other work, please visit her website: Valérie Buess


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