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Last December our favorite restaurant, Canelé, invited us to one of their festive open houses. With tables moved to the perimeter of the restaurant, artisans sold their wares, while we talked with friends and enjoyed delicious appetizers and Prosecco.
Charlotte Culina, owner of Kids Go Global, was stationed at one of the tables. Her company sells fair trade and eco-friendly items where 15% of each sale is given to schools and non profit organizations. When making a purchase on their website, you may either give to an existing charity or school or specify your favorite. Simply by linking to the registration form and filling it out - and with research and approval form Kids Go Global - your choice will be added to their list of affiliates. For now, they include Smile Train, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, and Holden's Hope Train, among others. According to Ms. Culina, "This may not be that big annual fundraiser for your school but if you looking at a few new computers or a school garden for example this could be the answer."
From the Kids Go Global website - statements regarding fair trade and eco-friendly standards for products are as follows:
"Simply put, Fair Trade is thinking about the people behind the products we’re buying and choosing to buy products that compensate the worker by paying them a fair, living wage."
"We have very carefully selected Green products that are recycled and recyclable, sweatshop- free, cruelty-free, PVC and lead-free, phthalates-free, BPA-free and in many cases 100% organic.  We are fortunate to have forged relationships with responsible eco-minded companies and hope that we can collectively make a difference in the future of our planet!"
Products include jewelry, bags and purses, paper goods, accessories, kitchen products, children's books, toys and crafts and, most recently, cleaning products - all for your shopping and giving pleasure.
Kids Go Global website
Chilanthropy Candle - Riverbed Bracelet

Go Fetch Backpack - Infant Socks
Dhaka Silk Scarf - Twinkle Twinkle Cuff

Bulk Cotton Paper - Yoga Planet Interactive Card Deck


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