Regina Carter at the Lobero

Jazz at the Lobero Theater, Santa Barbara, CA
Appearing at the Lobero Theater, Friday, February 24 @ 8:00 pm, violinist, Regina Carter will perform from her new CD, "Reverse Thread".

From the Lobero website:
From the varied schools of classical music conservatories and R+B, this inventive violinist explores new territories as she blends world influences into the vocabulary of straight ahead jazz. Her sophisticated technique and lush tone took the jazz world by surprise; and through her albums, incessant touring and various guest appearances and collaborations, Regina has developed into a distinctly diverse musical personality. She has toured throughout the world, was the first jazz artist and African-American to play Niccolo Paganini's famed Guarneri "Cannon" violin, has been featured with several symphony orchestras and performed with artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Billy Joel, Kenny Barron and Mary J. Blige.
“A talented, charismatic player who is almost single-handedly reviving interest in the violin as a jazz instrument.” ― Los Angeles Times
A "must see"!
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