Do Lectures

Every now and then I stumble upon (Stumbleupon) something worth sharing.
I'm still investigating as I write. What is the "Do Lectures"?
In the "about" menu, I found out that this website encourages inspirational people - those who "do" things - to inspire us into also going out and doing things.
These people inspire us, according to the website, to: "...go find your cause to fight, your company to start, your invention to invent, your book to write, your mountain to climb. The one thing the Doers of the world Do, apart from Do amazing things, is to inspire the rest of us to go and Do amazing things too. They are fire-starters."
Co-founded by David and Clare Hieatt, the website features videos of passionate thinkers, authors, business owners, artists, etc., such as Alastair McIntosh, author of "Soil and Soul", Alasdair Harris, founder of Blue Ventures and Alice Taylor, blogger and Channel 4 education commissioner.
Some of the talks, include:
Tim Berners-Lee, "How the World Wide Web just happened"
Steve Glenn, "Let's make sustainable housing for everyone"
Steve Edge, "Why you should have a party everyday"
Ed Stafford, "Why taking risks is important"
Daniel Seddiqui, "Finish what you start"
Alice Holden, "How to get young people to love the land"
While the focus of the website seems to be inside the UK - particularly, Wales - the overall subject matter is universal. Hope you find it as interesting as I DO!
Excuse me - while I explore, further. 


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