Balls of Seeds - Greenaid Seedbombs

So, what's a seedbomb? Well, it's kind of like this - it's a ball or clump which is made of clay, compost and seeds. The seeds or seed mixes are specially formulated for various planting regions - and contain either wildflower seeds, or the seeds of edibles, trees and other beneficial species - or combinations, thereof.
Do you have a vacant lot, nearby - or any other forgotten and neglected spaces? If so, you have the power to recreate them. You can purchase a seedbomb from one of the gumball machines now found in various parts of Santa Monica, CA -  and soon to be found in other cities throughout the country. (Give them time - it's a growing business!) Or you can purchase these and other associated products from their website.
Using sustainable packaging and local materials, Greenaid seedbombs are "hand-rolled" in Culver City, CA. From the website:
"Working in partnership with Chrysalis, a local non-profit, Commonstudio offers employment opportunities and a living wage to formerly homeless or economically disadvantaged men and women from the Los Angeles area.  Every seedbomb you purchase is an investment in our shared future on a greener, more equitable planet."
For more information, please see the links, below. And while you are at it, why not support such a wonderful - sustainable - business?

Greenaid website

Greenaid blog
Chrysalis website


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