Artist, Moon Beom - "Possible Worlds"

The work of Korean artist, Moon Beom

In the work of Korean artist, Moon Beom, imagery both alien and recognizable fills almost every inch of finite space. While the space is finite, the artist's intent, via his nature based subject matter, is not. Mr. Beom manipulates oil stick into frenzied, yet organized (with a pen's black ink lines), organic shapes - transforming abstract, action-oriented movement into seemingly recognizable forms. 
Chrysanthemum-like leaves cascade and move through space, giving the impression of splashing ocean waves, frozen in time.
According to the artist, "It is impossible to fully comprehend the happenstance of nature. When I come across something like a small blade of grass in a deep forest, or water frothing on the endless cresting ocean, or cumulus (clouds) rising up and disappearing diaphanously (sp), I tell them to keep their place as objects that are more lasting, not transitory, ever changing backdrops. At twilight during the very short time that this planet seems to rest, nature begins to take a stroll and the world repeats itself again."
Themes of infinity, immersion and that moment where time stands still before nature changes course, permeate Mr. Beom's work. As in all abstraction, the viewer, in order to feel and understand the artist's intent, must immerse him or herself into this seemingly endless, surreal and invented world.
Moon Beom (Korean, b. 1955), received his MFA and BFA from the College of Fine Art, Seoul National University, 1980. His current exhibition is at Kim Foster Gallery, New York - closing, November 27, 2010.


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