Literary Jewelry by Little Fly of London

Throughout history, people have adorned themselves - whether with rings or necklaces, bracelets or other - whether of gold or silver, wood or stone, carved  bone or shell. Early Jewelry was both decorative and functional, used to secure clothing or to keep hair pinned back from the face. However, over time jewelry was, and still is, used to embellish the human body, gifted as an expression of love or to celebrate life's transitions.
Since the dawn of man, people the world over have chosen to create, from almost every material imaginable, jewels to adorn their bodies. 
Currently, a new form of jewelry, made by Mr. Jeremy May, is fashioned by laminating sheets of paper carefully extracted from recycled books. Although jewelry made of paper is not new, what makes these jewels unique is that they are conceptual works of wearable art - cut from the pages of literary works, layered and lacquered, and shaped into meaningful ornaments of beauty.

Mr. May, a Landscape Architect born in Suffolk, England, started Little Fly in 2009. He is the sole fabricator of each and every jewel. Nothing is outsourced. Each jewel starts with a meaningful passage removed from a vintage book; a book which has ..."a history - people bought them, read them, made notes on them, sold them or gave them as gifts or passed on to vendors such as those along the Seine in Paris, a second-hand bookshop in the university district of Tokyo, in Vathis Square in Athens, a local charity shop, or donated."
A distinct quote is removed from a book which is inspirational to either to Mr. May or to a client desiring a customized ring. The shape of the ring is then created out of the meaning of each quote; albeit, a non-literal representation. Cut from the depths of the book, the layered pages emerge and are prepared to begin the creative process of compressed lamination and lacquering.

When complete, each unique ring is given a serial number and boxed within the book from which it emerged.
Meaning is encased within each layer and glimpses of the words of renowned authors, such as Charles Dickens, appear as ghostly imprints or visages of color.
Of course, the element of time enters into the equation, as well. A literary work, written and published many years ago is presently re-worked - or to use Mr. May's word, "reincarnated", while emerging into another, newer art form. Something old is recycled into something new.

While ancient jewelry was made to adorn the body, Mr. May's jewelry, whether worn or  allowed to remain encased in its parent book, is based in a concept making its way through time - an ornament transformed through meaning.
For more information and to learn more about Jeremy May's rings and other jewelry,
please visit the Little Fly website
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