Creative Flow

Removing obstacles to creativity - a perspective
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never
  tried anything new.”   Albert Einstein
Creativity is flowing energy. Think of it as river which is unimpeded and continually coursing into the ocean. And cyclically, the process restarts without pause. This energy is actually felt in the body as excitement; a refined, stimulating and usually, balanced, enthusiasm. When you feel this way you are positive and self-assured and you feel anything can be accomplished. You are a center of power with the ability to demonstrate your thoughts. You move into the world with confidence and trust.

Comfort is a friend of creativity. To nurture this friendship you must move barriers out of the way, advancing through, around and beyond them. There are times in all our lives when it is practically impossible to be creative. If a friend or relative is ill we are concerned. If we, ourselves are ill, our energy is focused upon healing. If we are out of work, we are worried. If we have offended someone, we feel shame. Unless one is an enlightened Himalayan Master, we will feel blocked, occasionally. When blocked it is best to experience the issue comprehensively and without judgment. In time the block will dissolve and once more you will be able to nurture your flow of creative energy.

It's not always that simple, but you have a choice in the matter. You can choose to extricate yourself from or move through a block by taking action - or you can choose to nurture it. Citing one example from above, if you have offended a friend, find a solution; communicate with your friend and apologize. Remember, it's your block. You created it and you can move it out of the way. To develop this further, if your friend should decide the offense is too great to continue the relationship, then you must make a decision to bring about closure. Perform a ritual if you must. Light a candle, grieve, say goodbye and let go. Shortly, you will discover your creative energy is, again, circulating.

What if the block has nothing to do with an event, but, all to do with not being able to paint the next stroke or write the next line of prose or music? You may be dealing with an issue such as self-judgment, comparison (to another artist's work), lack of self-confidence, etc. When the problem is internal, then you must unblock by "revolution". For example, if you are a writer, you might take any number of actions. If writing on a computer, then change it out and write with a pad and pencil. If you are abruptly censoring each passage and rewriting it, then just write without censorship - get all your thoughts out without stopping. You might want to go outside or to another environment within your home. Or you might stop completely, leaving home for a few hours - but, go somewhere unique. Jog or take a walk. But, do not continue to repeat the same routine. Overthrow it!

Unblocking by revolution will only work if, at the end, you are willing to just stop for awhile. You may need to take a break. Sometimes taking a break and recreating your routine is all you need to remove your self-imposed obstacle. In doing so, you may "find" answers by gently looking for them. Be conscious during this break but, don't make it a chore or another self-imposed creative act. Allow spontaneity and joy.

Many have written about the topic of blocked creativity. This information is not new. However, each time I read an article or book on a topic of interest, I learn something more - and I may find another angle or viewpoint unknown to me before. When you least expect to find an answer - when you are not consciously searching - in this moment will the answer come.

Ultimately, once you are able to identify the block, you have the creative power to move it aside. Identify first, act next. Take a break, if you must. Return to creativity.


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