Silverlake Garden

March, 2010, Los Angeles, California

Home gardening is usually considered a past time or hobby. However, we decided to plant a vegetable garden this year because we love the taste of freshly picked vegetables. It's as simple as that.
Friends look at us, askance, wondering why we would want to use our precious time working with soil, planting and waiting several months to start picking a fresh tomato or zucchini. Our answer is "nothing tastes better than a tomato or zucchini, picked and eaten in the same hour." Also, we find it gratifying, after a few hours of work, to immediately see the results of our labor - and to know that one day soon, we will sit at our table - with good friends - enjoying a wonderful Caprese salad, made with our own tomatoes and basil.
So, we share two photographs; one of our small urban veggie plot and the other of our ornamental garden. And as time goes by, we will post progress photos - as part of our "living creatively" blog.


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