Jane Goodall

Photo:Animal Planet
Jane Goodall recently appeared on the program, Bill Moyers Journal. Ms. Goodall lives a creative life - with passion and love for our planet and all it's inhabitants. (As you may know, Mr. Moyers will be retiring soon and we can only hope his website remains online for future generations to view.)
There is a lovely story in this interview about how one of the chimpanzees communicated with Ms. Goodall. When she offered David Greybeard (a name she gave to one of the chimps) a palm nut from her hand, the chimpanzee, at first, ignored her offer. She persisted. David Greybeard turned to her, took the nut, allowing it to fall to the ground, while, at the same time, pressing his hand to hers - reassuring her; a way to say no, thank you.
You will find out about her childhood, her life and research in the jungles of east Africa and her current work.


  1. Jane Goodall redefined man and shed light on our evolutionary past, the orgin of us humans. Her patience, calmness, and extreme dedication have paid off. She is most inspiring.

    -Jessica P.


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