Black Ballerina

A documentary film from Shirley Road Productions
When we, accidentally, stumbled upon this PBS documentary film, we were stilled in the revelation that another unknown history had escaped us. It startled us to discover that this "missing" past went back six generations!
Black Ballerina, "tells the story of several black moment from different generations who fell in love with ballet. …Joan Myers Brown, Delores Browne and Raven Wilkinson confronted racism, exclusion and unequal opportunity." 
The film moves between present and past, informing us that we still have far to go in the battle against racial biases and opportunity.
To watch this beautiful documentary, please visit, Black Ballerina Documentary - and note, a DVD of the film may be purchased from the website.

Black Ballerina was sponsored, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts.


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