Time Shift

The Photography of Romina Ressia
Born in 1981, Romina Ressia is an Argentinian artist living near Buenos Aires. Her credentials and talents include art photography, theater decoration / scenic design and fashion photography. 
Ms. Ressia's work, exhibited in Milan, Buenos Aires, the Czech Republic, Edinburgh and New York is represented by galleries in more than 20 countries.
She states that meaning in these works derives from "classical or mythical influences" and their interpretation and incorporation into the collective memory of contemporary culture.
Below are a selection of Ms. Ressia's visual metaphors of mythical, hyperreal heroes and heroines. Although seemingly defunct as they lay in their "coffins", we wonder if their ideals are still intact or have they perished along with each crusader? Or are their ideals no longer necessary as we age? 
As children we believed in their super powers and eternal youth (and our own), but in the time-passage between childhood and adulthood, how have our beliefs changed? Have they withered, died?
Artists present us with questions; perhaps questions we may not ask of ourselves. Questions are easy - the answers, much more complex.
All images ©Romina Ressia.
For more information and to view this and other series, please visit the artist's website: Romina Ressia or Arusha Gallery.

©Romina Ressia

©Romina Ressia
©Romina Ressia
Romina Ressia's models, ©Romina Ressia


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