Gustavo Perez

Gustavo Pérez
We are admirers of Gustavo Pérez' work. And so, we lead you to an essay written in 2004 by Garth Clark, regarding the work of Mr. Pérez - who, at that time was exhibiting at Galeri Silberies, Paris. Last year (November), Galeri Siberies displayed a retrospective exhibition of the artist's work, dating from 2001-13.
Mr. Clark writes (in part):
"Gustavo Pérez’s exhibition at Galeri Silberies (Paris) continues a long journey of wounding and healing pots. His cuts most closely resemble the clean slice of a scalpel, a surgeon’s skill in the precise and measured way in which he cuts into the skin of the pot. The clay then divides and exposes its interior much as our flesh reveals itself when we suffer a deep laceration, breaking the perfect seal of the body’s epidermis. One cannot look at these incisions without the vessel exerting its spell of anthropomorphic transference, making one’s own skin itch with sensations of vulnerability and risk."
To read the entire essay, please follow this link: Cfileonline
Gustavo Pérez on Vimeo

Gustavo Pérez, stoneware vase with glaze, 2012,
11 1/2 x 8 inches, Galeri Siberies


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