Silverlake Garden

Each year, our garden surprises us.
While our Dwarf Blue Nile Lilies hardly pushed out a bloom last year, this year they bloom profusely. One of two Buddhas, handcrafted approximately thirty years ago, silently meditates in another part of our garden - and enjoys a floral offering. Two potted plants placed at both ends of a path (an Impatiens and a Vinca), clamor for attention - and each is given the attention it deserves, through good nutrition and admiration.
A neglected section of shady garden, now invites respect from us, with plantings of Heliotrope and a potted Camelia.
And, last but not least, a cutting given to us by Santa Barbara friends has happily grown into a lovely copper and sage-green beauty - a Kalanchoe orygalis.
Thus far, summer in our Silverlake garden has been a delight!


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