Interview - Food52
I always learn something new whenever Ruth Reichl is interviewed. It is because of Ms. Reichl and my Italian Grandmother, that I have such respect and love for preparing food.
Today, while thumbing through my reading list, I came across an interview on Food52 - written by Marian Bull, entitled, "Ruth Reichl on Pantry Staples and Fiction". As soon as I spotted it,  I thought, let the learning begin. And here's what I discovered.
One of Ms. Reichl's favorite ingredients is Miso (among others). She enjoys eggs, when cooking for no one but herself. The protagonist in her new novel, Delicious! makes a gingerbread cake which plays an important role in the book.
And for a thorough run-down, please take yourself to Food52 and read the entire interview.
It's delicious. Enjoy!


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