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When I was a child, my Mom always created and made our Halloween costumes. One year, Mom asked me what I wanted to be and I answered, "A Matador!" Matador? Perhaps it was her idea, I'm not sure. But, within a day, my costume was completed - brightly colored, short jacket and peddle-pusher pants, all color coordinated - sequins, delicately sewn along all the outer seams. Somewhere, she found the appropriate hat and long white socks, and with a black mask, I was set for the big day.
Recently, our neighbor mentioned that her daughter created a very special costume: Catty Corn. When I saw her drawing, I got it immediately. I still remember those stingingly sweet candies, white at the top, orange in the center and yellow at the bottom - all sugar, all the time. 
This crazy corn sports ears, a small yellow cap, and, of course, whiskers. Who ever heard of crazy corn with ears and whiskers? Well, Sofya did. This impressive blending of two, seemingly disparate, things is something which only a child could imagine. As a result, a new Halloween costume is invented. 
I think, next year I want to be Catty Corn - with Sofya's permission, of course.
(Below, are Sofya's Halloween costume and several other drawings of cats. Enjoy all of them!)

Last year, Sofya submitted an original short story. View it, here.



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