Thursday Three now 4

"You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant..." Arlo Guthrie
If written today, Mr. Guthrie might have used "internet" in place of Alice. You CAN get about any type of information on the net. (Much more to the song than food or information, if you know what I mean...)
Today, we find Liu Bolin, hiding within a group of assault rifes. He's the one at the center of it all - almost invisible. We posted a story about Mr. Bolin, July 8, 2011.
Then, a clever design - both bench and billboard (IBM and Oglivy & Mather France). We wonder why we didn't think of that!
An artist who uses lighting as medium, Barry Underwood.
Last, but not least, on this Friday, we add Technobohemian, by John Malkovich. We had no idea he had a clothing line.
A world of ideas, of images, of information.
Alice, take note.


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