Maye's Cortona

Wish I could say I snapped this photograph, myself. That I stood on stairs or hill, swooning at the beauty of it all; the vines and flowers, the cyprus trees, the verdant green lawn and the absolute stillness, all mine. But, it wasn't me.
What I enjoy of images is how they draw you in and seduce you into thinking you might actually be there - in the hills of Italy or anywhere. Instead, I sit here in this office, writing these words, imagining myself peering into the vast loveliness of the Italian countryside.
I'm thankful, that Frances Mayes took time to post this and other images on her blog. With each posting, I am transported into her small town, her Italian world; a world that includes sitting around a dining table, relishing the taste of fresh food served with love, uproarious laughter and entertaining conversation. I am there now as I write. And I hope you will find your way to Francis Mayes (see you in the piazza!).


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