Quick Stew

 A recipe from Joe Bastianich - Food & Wine
We knew we would like this recipe as soon as we began to read the ingredients: Cannellini Beans (one can), a bunch of Swiss Chard, Whole Stewed Tomatoes (one large can - we use San Marzano tomatoes), garlic (of course), olive oil and a dash of red chili flakes. What could be simpler? And it can be made all year round - a delicious, nutritious and easy to make dinner.
This spring we prepared this recipe twice - using our own home-grown Swiss Chard and Kale. We also added a bit of grated Parmesan on each serving. And at times we've added half a shallot (sliced thinly) to enhance and change flavor.
Some canned ingredients for simplicity, in addition to a couple of bunches of young, fresh vegetables from our garden, makes for a perfect meal!
The Recipe


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