Summer So Far

Here it is, almost mid-July, and as we wander in wonder through this lovely southern California summer, we share a few images.
Our garden flourishes in shades of green.
Insects, from hungry wasps, to honey bees, to butterflies large and small - and most recently, dragonflies - bring everything to life with their energetic darting movements.
Birds, from sparrows, to jays to mockingbirds (damn noisy creatures) and more, all fly in from time to time - to sip water, to bathe and forage.
Dogs roam around tables hoping that hungry, tipsy folks drop a few crumbs.
A gardenia grows in the cooler shade of a eucalyptus tree.
Basil is gently cut for tasty green pesto on homemade pasta ribbons.
Vegetables enlarge.
Wine is sipped.
Lawns provide soft cushions for bare feet.
Outdoor furniture is readied for posteriors of all sizes and shapes.
And shoes are left where they belong - inside!


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