Santa Fe Clay Gallery - Figurines

Santa Fe Clay Gallery
April 22 – June 4, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, April 22, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Artist: Cynthia Consentino

From the press release:
Existing within traditions including realism, allegory, portraiture, archetype, narrative, kitsch and the ornamental, figurines have been made throughout history and across cultures. In this invitational show, Santa Fe Clay is exploring the idea of the “figurine”, through today’s contemporary and often confrontational artists. The only limitation in this show is scale, no larger than 12 inches in any dimension, the historical scale of figurines.
Artist: Magda Gluszek
Tom Bartel, Gina Bobrowski, Joe Bova, Pattie Chalmers, Lisa Clague, Cynthia Consentino, Melody Ellis, David Furman, Misty Gamble, Magda Gluszek, Christine Golden, Arthur Gonzalez, Julianne Harvey, Clayton Keyes, Andrea Keys Connell, Max Lehman, Beth Lo, Anne Drew Potter, Esther Shimazu, Kelly Rathbone, Kensuke Yamada and Liz Zacher
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