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DESERT GREEN - Yesterday and Today
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After attending a lecture by Richard St. Barbe Baker, who claimed the spread of deserts could be stopped by planting trees at their edges, Ms. Wendy Campbell-Purdy  was  so inspired with the idea, she purchased a one-way ticket to North Africa to plant trees in the desert of Morocco - in 1959. She planted 2,000 trees on forty-five acres. The trees, successfully, grew to 12 feet in height. Beneath the sheltering shade of the trees, she also planted barley and wheat. Due to her passion, she proved this "woman-made" strip of oasis did change climate by increasing the humidity in the area.
She continued on her journey, traveling to Algeria to perform a similar feat. With 260 acres, reluctantly, given to her by the Algerian government,  she astonished Algerian officials with her success.
While Mr. St. Barbe Baker and Ms. Campbell-Purdy were pioneers in this field, today, inventor, Mr. Pieter Hoff, has developed The Groasis Waterboxx by AquaPro for planting trees almost anywhere. From the Groasis website:
"The Groasis waterboxx is an 'intelligent water incubator' that produces and captures water from the air through condensation and rain. The condensation is caused by artificial stimulation and the water is captured because of the design of the device, without using energy."
More information: Groasis, "©AquaPro"


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