Artist, Mark Ryden

Artist, MARK RYDEN - "tyme" Lapse Painting
video, by permission of the artist and Michael Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles

Artist, Mark Ryden, born in Medford, Oregon, 1987, lives and works in Los Angeles.
Mr. Ryden's work is part innocence and part macabre. His paintings, beautifully and masterfully executed, depict images both intriguing and alarming, simultaneously. As we ponder the work(s), we wonder, if perhaps, we may have been invited to view  a dark comedy - where, in the end, we are never quite sure how we are meant to feel. And yet, we cannot avert our eyes.

In this video, we are given a special viewing of Mr. Ryden's time-lapse creation of the painting, titled, Incarnation.

Upcoming exhibition: The Gay 90's:Old Tyme Art Show, April 29 - June 5, 2010, Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York

More information about the artist: Mark Ryden website
Galleries: Michael Kohn Gallery, Paul Kasmin Gallery, Tomio Koyama Gallery and Porterhouse Fine Art Editions


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