Friday Five

While perusing the world via our reading list, we stumbled on a mix of stories - including items  about politics, fabric, art and environment.
We live in a country rich in diversity, where we celebrate cultural differences, opinions, life-styles and view points. When America is at its best, it protects our environment, informs us of our rights, allows us access to the visual arts and music, and is open and unafraid of new ideas.
So, today we celebrate the following stories. Please press the link under each image.
Thank you for taking time with us - and keep the faith!

Obama Administration Protects the arctic until 2022 - Inhabitat

Babak Golkar, vessels distorting space and our frenzied screams! - cfileonline

Kvadrat + Raf Simons, Textiles, Avenue Road - CoolHunting

"Where we Go From Here" - by Clissa Bassist of The Rumpus

Not Your Everyday Sandcastles by Calvin Seibert - Colossal


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