Tuesday's Thoughts

Time has meandered, hesitated, pirouetted, making its way back here, from the long ago into the now. And so, today - finally - we post selections from out there into the here.
First, don't think about picking these delicate flowers. They're not real. But, you might ask, they look so real.  And that's the idea. Kate Alarcón, a paper artist from Seattle, makes these eye-catching/fooling wonders.
Then, we move into the sublime. Christine Nofchissey McHorse exhibits pottery and sculpture at Peter's Projects, Santa Fe, NM. Her work is described in Cfile.daily as possessing "a cultural splendor that is as fertile as the Northern New Mexico forest where McHorse harvests her clay."
Basil. What comes to mind? Pesto for pasta? Yes, however in this case, David Lebovitz uses basil to make a thinner vinaigrette which can be used over most anything. And if you take the time to visit his website, you will be given the recipe!
Last but not least, what does a jewelry designer do to extend her repertoire? Well, she creates cakes. Yes, cakes. And not just simple, everyday cakes. London-based Danish designer Kia Utzon-Frank makes bespoke cakes, specifically for events / clients.
 There you have it. Enjoy each of these "delicacies" by visiting the links, below.
Kate Alarcón - Colossal

Christine Nofchissey McHorse, Double Rain Bird 1997,
bronze, 11.5 x 9 inches - Cfile.daily

Basil Vinaigrette, David Lebovitz

KUFcakes, KUF Studios



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